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Industrial Scale Installation

Precision installation by an expert team. Superior Scale offers tailored industrial scale installation for your business’s unique weighing needs.

Precise Scale Installation

Industrial scales lie at the backbone of most modern businesses. While there are several truck weighing stations you can stop by to measure your truck’s weight across major U.S. highways and roads, having a functioning truck scale at your business will save you a ton of pressure, worry, and headache.

Superior Scale Inc. provides professional industrial scale installation services that ensure you install the best truck and industrial scales on your premises and ensure compliance, safety, and effective monitoring of your business logistics.

The Superior Scale Difference

Why choose Superior Scale Inc. for scale installation? Our wealth of experience, commitment to service excellence, and meticulous attention to detail provide significant advantages for your business.

Start to Finish Install

We handle jobs from start to finish, providing a holistic industrial scale installation experience. Unlike other companies that subcontract foundation work, we are the only industrial scale installer within the Charlotte / Carolina area who also covers the foundation work.

We provide in-house turnkey solutions for all types of industrial scales, including trucks, floor, and bench scales, ensuring you hit the ground running once our installation job is complete.

Safety Is Top Priority

Industrial scales can be highly dangerous equipment. Therefore, care must be taken when installing them to ensure the safety of the operating it.

During installation, our technicians prioritize safety, wearing protective gear, and following concise, laid-out guidelines to ensure the installation and subsequent use of the industrial scales are safe.

Post-installation, a maintenance regime will be put in place to check the equipment’s safety and operation to reduce the chances of accidents and costly downtimes.

Tailored Installation

Our industrial scale installation services can suit various application needs based on your business’s demands. You can get platforms mounted above the ground with ramps for access or pit-mounted scales that lie level with the driving surface.

We can advise on the best truck and industrial scale option for your business based on the site and usage requirements. We’ll also assess the level of the local surface water drainage systems and the height of the water table to identify potential issues and plan how we can overcome them during installation.

With this comprehensive site survey, you’ll be guaranteed a robust installation that will not interfere with existing services.

Expert Scale Installation - Choose Excellence!

Scale Installation Services for Any Industry

Our scale installation solutions are crafted to meet the diverse requirements of various industries. Your business has unique needs, and we are committed to ensuring that our scales are tailored to precisely match and support your operations. From meticulous planning to seamless integration, we strive to optimize the performance of your scales, providing a reliable foundation for your business success.


guy spreading asphalt

Superior Scale is the Largest concrete & asphalt scale company. We proudly serve over 200 companies within the industry, tailoring the perfect weighing solution to meet your specific operational needs.

Food & Beverage Industry Weighing Solutions

SSI provides a wide range of scale equipment and weighing systems for the food & beverage industry. Our systems and software ensure traceability and safety protocols are being met, scrap is minimized and an ROI is achieved.

recycle & waste truck

Waste management and recycling are essential parts of most modern industries. Superior Scale Inc. offers top-of-the-line equipment to serve these needs, ensuring your operation is environmentally friendly and compliant.

Our shipping and freight are accurate & reliable. We have been providing leading weighing solutions for over thirty years, making our expertise what you need to improve operations and returns for your business.

Transportation Industry

Businesses relying on vehicle and transportation require accurate weighing solutions. Superior Scale Inc. offers solutions that will allow you to control fuel costs, improve speed and safety, and ensure your operations are reliable and certified.


Precision is crucial in pharmaceutical laboratories. We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical scales, including ultra-precision scales, large ultra-precision scales, and counting scales.

plastic and steel factory

Reliable weighing solutions for the plastic and steel industry are crucial. Superior Scale Inc. has over twenty years of experience providing weighing solutions that fit various industries, including plastic and steel.

industrial chemicals

Superior Scale Inc. offers a wide selection of chemical weighing solutions that suit various needs of a chemical industry operation

Talk to the Industrial
Scales Experts

We offer various types of industrial scales ranging from truck scales bench scales, to floor scales. These are sourced from some of the top brands in the country, such as Rice Lake, Emery Winslow, and Avery Weigh Tronix.

Our industrial scales, known for their reliability and ease of maintenance, help ensure compliance with legal load limits, such as truck weights, before transporting goods or products.

Our scales offer exceptional accuracy, enabling your business to sell products precisely and within compliance requirements, while also being ideal for inventory tracking, verifying the weight of incoming goods, and monitoring axle loads. This reliability ensures accurate weight measurements across various operations, helping you maintain legal compliance and optimize business processes.

Industrial scales are essential to a successful business dealing with bulk goods and supplies. They make it easier to weigh your trucks before they hit the road and allow you to run inventory management and sales smoothly.

Talk to an industrial scales expert and learn how we can transform weighing in your business.


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