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Optimizing Waste Management
Precision Solutions for Environmental Compliance

Waste management and recycling are essential parts of most modern industries. As more awareness is driven into environmental care and waste management, it is becoming more crucial to accurately measure how much raw materials you’re getting, how much is getting into waste, and what amount is being recycled.

Rails, floor, truck, and forklift scales are essential weighing solutions that help keep your operation in the right recycling and waste management plan. Superior Scale Inc. offers top-of-the-line equipment to serve these needs, ensuring your operation is environmentally friendly and compliant in cases where you have to keep accurate records of your waste management and recycling efforts.

Accurate Weighing Solutions for Waste & Recycling

The recycling industry is growing fast, and fast and effective weighing solutions are at the center of this growth. With the right weighing equipment, plants and operations can save costs, optimize profits, and keep precise track of materials deposited or purchased.

Accurate weighing solutions for waste and recycling are also essential for accurate billing. Whether you’re supplying a recycling plant with waste or running a recycling and waste management operation, the right solution will ensure your processes are reliable, repeatable, and accurate.

Getting an accurate weighing solution is not the only important task. You must also get a scale that fits the harsh environment of this operation. Therefore, your choice of scale must match the type of recycled materials, the average weight of each load, and the value of the commodities being handled.

Advance Your Recycling & Waste Operations!

Precision Perfected: Exceptional Quality Scales

Superior Scale Inc. has recycling and waste weighing solutions covering most scenarios and operations in this environment. These range from truck, rail, floor, weighbridges, and forklift scales. Each solution provides a different size and load capacity, making certain choices more suitable for specific applications.

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Rail Scales

Rail scales are recommended for operations involving heavy industrial goods and commodities. They can be easily configured for static weighing, featuring modular decks spaced to match the distance between the rail's wheels.

They also have an RFID system that makes tracking and recording data more accurate. You can also connect rail scales to digital display systems and recorders where you can store and take the readings more accurately.

Forklift Scales

Forklift scales allow you to weigh palletized and bundled recycled materials en route, with easy integration into your operation's data management and weighing systems. This scale makes it easier for forklift drivers to weigh material or cargo as they take them directly to storage, reducing the unnecessary overhead of taking them over to a dedicated weighing station..

They allow you to access accurate and real-time data such as package origin and weight on transit to its next location. These scales are also very compact, making them an ideal choice for busy operations with limited floor space.

Truck Scales

Truck scales are considered the most versatile weighing solution for recycling and waste management. Truck scales weigh the vehicle as it carries material before arriving or departing at a business location. These scales allow you to measure and monitor each freight's weight accurately. You can also integrate them with RFID technology for advanced tracking, recording, and security of your operations.

With a truck scale, you can ensure that your trucks are always carrying the optimum capacity that will boost efficiency. Moreover, you can monitor weight and ensure your trucks are not illegally overloaded or unsafe during operations.

Floor Scales

Floor scales are typically installed at the top of a level flooring surface. Alternatively, they can be installed in a pit, with the top of the scale flush with the surrounding surface. They make it easy to weigh bulky waste and recycled materials by loading them directly onto the scale. They can also handle unsymmetrical shapes while still maintaining a high degree of precision and accuracy.

The best floor scale for your business will depend on the properties of the materials you recycle or waste. However, they all have remarkable load capacities and shock loading tolerances while maintaining high accuracy and precision.

Let Us Guide Your Selection

Choosing the right weighing solution for waste management and recycling operations is not straightforward. However, you can consult the experts and make the right choices to benefit your business.

Talk to us, and let us recommend the best weighing scales for your recycling and waste operations.

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