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Tailored Solutions For The Transportation Industry

Businesses relying on vehicles and transportation require accurate weighing solutions to manage their operations, keep track of inventory, ensure legal compliance, and track profits and losses. Superior Scale Inc. has been in the vehicle and transportation weighing business for over two decades, making us an authoritative weighing solutions provider.

Some of our recommended vehicle and transportation weighing solutions include rail scales, axle scales, customer software solutions, and unmanned kiosks. Our professional team is ready to install and equip your business with the right solutions to empower your operations.

Solving The Weighing Complexities Of the Transportation Industry

Vehicles and transportation sit at the core of logistics. Often, keeping track of inventory is a nightmare, especially if you’re using inaccurate and unreliable weight-based inventory systems. A poor weighing solution will lead your business into losses and inefficiency, hurting your bottom line and causing unprecedented shipping delays.

Accurately weighing vehicles and transportation is crucial to ensuring each batch or transport has the right materials based on the requested weight, ideal weight, or stipulated inventory management process.

Therefore, you need a good supply of accurate and reliable vehicle and transportation weighing solutions to improve efficiency, reduce downtimes, and improve your bottom line. Superior Scale Inc. offers solutions that will allow you to control fuel costs, improve speed and safety, and ensure your operations are reliable and certified.

Optimize The Systems For Your Transport Business

Top-Of-The-Line Systems & Solutions

We offer various vehicle and weighing solutions for your transport and logistics business and its unique needs.

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Weighbridges are large platforms on which different types of vehicles can be parked and weighed. They are ideal for weighing large industrial vehicles such as articulated lorries and delivery trucks.

Weighbridges feature a robust design, with the option of choosing between surface-mounted and pit variants. The right choice ultimately depends on your business's preference and intended use of the weighbridge.

Weighbridges are an ideal solution for businesses where the vehicle's net weight determines the applicable tax, price, and other financial metrics of a product.

Weight Indicators

Weight indicators don't measure the weight of vehicles. However, they are crucial pieces of supplementary equipment used to display the data obtained from a separate scale used to measure the vehicle's weight.

These scales are usually in a separate specialized terminal, and these highly specialized screens are used to communicate important information.

High-end weight indicators can be connected to multiple load cells, some going as high as 16. Your business can customize them to provide unique data, allowing you to implement complex operations into your weighing solution and support a more robust logistics process.

For instance, you can customize these weight indicators to integrate with unique software and offer quick, accurate reporting, analysis, and data-capturing features.

Axle Weigh Pads

Axle weigh pads are used to measure the vehicle weight at each axle. This information is crucial to ensure the vehicle's weight distribution is correct and in line with any legal, safety, or operational requirements.

For instance, overloading one axle in a vehicle can lead to poor balance, affecting the vehicle's maneuverability, leading to a crash. Moreover, overloaded vehicles can be impounded, and the business fined severe penalties for exceeding the maximum axle weight limits.

Therefore, axle weigh pads are an essential vehicle and transportation weighing solution for your business.

Rely on Superior Scale Inc?

Superior Scale Inc.’s vehicle and transportation weighing solutions are unique and tailored to your business. Our solutions cut across various industries and applications such as traffic enforcement, waste and recycling, and automotive.

Our truck scales, fixed and portable axle scales, rail scales, and software and control kiosks ensure you’re in control and aware of your vehicle’s weight at the station and on the go as you run your logistics operations.

Our control kiosks and software ensure you have unmanned weighing and data collection stations built on concrete or steel deck truck scales. You can also get truck and axle scales from Superior Scale Inc. at a rental fee to cater to your short-term weighing needs.

We also have a fast, professional, and reliable service department that can fully handle installation and repair for most of our vehicle and truck scales, ensuring you’re fully covered without needing subcontractors.

All our solutions ensure your operations are legal and certified with accurate and precise calibration that ensures minimal losses and high reliability from your truck and transportation scales.

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