Superior Scale Inc. upholds a culture of Better Solutions, where we continuously strive to provide our customers with the finest weighing technology solutions. Our team thinks, plans, and operates with a dedicated focus on ensuring that our customers are equipped with the optimal solutions available.

We Weigh Everything


Superior Scale Inc. is a leader in industrial scale & weighing technologies, with over 70 years of experience in industrial weighing, specifically electronic and mechanical weighing systems. We offer professional services and innovative scale solutions for simple weight scale applications up to complex automation and engineering design projects for the Carolina region.

Our team ensures that our customers are equipped with the best-weighing technology that suits their needs. We offer scales and services for all major national brands, including Dillon, Intercomp, and CAS.

If you have short-term weighing needs, Superior Scale Inc. also rents out weighing equipment, ranging from truck and counting scales to floor scales.

We work with an extensive and experienced team of technicians who swiftly answer service calls, including emergencies, to deal with the installation, recalibration, and repair of scales for businesses throughout the Carolinas.

Equpiment Available for rent or purchase
Throughout the Carolinas

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industrial truck scale from Superior Scale

Superior Scale Inc. offers a wide range of truck scales designed to meet the specific weighing needs of various industries. Our solutions are tailored-fit for your needs. Top brands we sell & rent include: Avery Weigh Tronix, Emery Winslow, and Rice Lake.

analytical balance from Superior Scale
We provide high-quality analytical laboratory balances that are essential for precise and accurate measurements in scientific and research environments. We have a range of options to suit your specific laboratory needs.
portable bench scale from Superior Scale
We have a versatile range of portable bench scales designed for various weighing applications. Our portable bench scales combine convenience and accuracy, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking efficient weighing solutions.
counting scale from Superior Scale
Equipped with advanced technology, our counting scales provide precise and reliable counting capabilities. From small parts and components to larger items, our counting scales accommodate a wide range of objects with ease and accuracy.
crane scale from Superior Scale

The crane scales we offer are specifically designed to handle the challenges of weighing loads suspended from cranes or hoists with precision and safety. We ensure that they provide reliable weight readings, enhance safety, and streamline your lifting  operations.

industrial platform floor scale from Superior Scale
We offer a comprehensive selection of floor scales designed to meet the weighing needs of various industries. Our floor scales are built with durability and accuracy in mind, providing reliable and precise measurements for a wide range of applications.
forklift and pallet jack scale from Superior Scale
We offer a range of innovative forklift scales that seamlessly integrate weighing capabilities into your existing forklift equipment, allowing for efficient and accurate weight measurement without the need for additional steps or equipment.

We Provide Services to Multiple Industries across the Carolinas

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Industrial Scale Services We Offer Throughout the Carolinas

Scale Maintenance

We run a reliable preventive maintenance program that helps reduce downtime and effectively control costs. Our preventive maintenance agreements are designed based on your unique requirements of testing method, intervals between inspections, & reporting requirements for scale calibrations.

Scale Calibration

We offer scale calibration, period/frequency calibration, and supplemental calibrations as part of its broader scale calibration services. We provide access to your business’s calibration certificates through our electronic certificate retrieval system (CRS), which uses a unique login ID and password to access the site and retrieve the certificates from a secure server.

Scale Installation

We sell and install scales from top national brands such as Ohaus, Intercomp, CAS, Dillion, Avery Weigh-Tronix, Rice Lake Weighing Systems, and A&D Weighing.

Weighing Systems

We develop intelligent and complex weighing solutions for industrial applications that drive the floors of modern factories. Some of the weighing systems we specialize in are batching systems, bagging systems, conveyor scales systems, check weighing systems, and drum filling systems.

Load Testing

For the crane servicing industry, Superior Scale Inc. offers steel test weights to assist in load testing. This includes bridges, elevators, gantries, monorails, and jib cranes up to 100,000 lbs.


We are committed to providing assistance to businesses in the Carolinas with the service and maintenance they need on their scales.

With the region’s largest and most experienced team of technicians, we ensure peace of mind by offering 24/7 emergency service for repairs and re-calibration. To submit a service request or contact us directly, simply click the tab below or give us a call at 803-548-3320. We are here to promptly address your needs and deliver exceptional support tailored to the Carolinas market.