Superior Scale Inc. upholds a culture of Better Solutions, where we continuously strive to provide our customers with the finest weighing technology solutions. Our team thinks, plans, and operates with a dedicated focus on ensuring that our customers are equipped with the optimal solutions available.

The Carolina's One-Stop Shop for Weighing Solutions & Scale Services!

Superior Scale Inc. is a leader in industrial scale & weighing technologies, with over 70 years of experience in industrial weighing, specifically electronic and mechanical weighing systems. We offer professional services and innovative scale solutions for simple weight scale applications up to complex automation and engineering design projects for the Carolina region.

Our team ensures that our customers are equipped with the best-weighing technology that suits their needs. We offer scales and services for all major national brands, including Dillon, Intercomp, and CAS.

If you have short-term weighing needs, Superior Scale Inc. also rents out weighing equipment, ranging from truck and counting scales to floor scales.

We work with an extensive and experienced team of technicians who swiftly answer service calls, including emergencies, to deal with the installation, recalibration, and repair of scales for businesses throughout the Carolinas.

Weighing Solutions & Services In The Carolinas

We offer a broad range of industrial weighing solutions and services throughout North and South Carolina:

24/7 Scale Repair

Scale Calibration

Load/Weight Testing

Automatic Weighing Systems

Scale Installation

Rely on our proficient technicians, certified by the state, to provide top-notch service. With accreditations including the ANSI National Accreditation Board’s Certificate of Accreditation, our team guarantees unparalleled ISO 17025 scale calibration services and tailored solutions to meet your business requirements. As the leading service providers in the Carolinas, we equip your business to diminish human errors, obtain precise digital certificates for scale calibration, and simplify certificate management, thereby cutting down on complexity and expenses.

All-in-One Weighing Solution for the Carolinas

We Provide High-Quality Scales From Leading Manufacturers

Superior Scale Inc. only works with the best manufacturers of industrial weighing technologies nationally. We sell weighing equipment from brands such as Avery Weigh-Tronix, A&D Weighing, OHAUS, Cambridge Scale Works Incorporated, Rice Lake, and B-Tek Scales LLC.

industrial truck scale from Superior Scale

Superior Scale Inc. presents a diverse array of truck scales meticulously crafted to suit the distinct weighing requisites across multiple industries. Our solutions are custom-tailored to precisely fit your needs, featuring premier brands such as Avery Weigh Tronix, Emery Winslow, Rice Lake, and Cardinal Detecto, available for both sale and rent.

lab balance scale

Precision is paramount in scientific and research settings, which is why we deliver top-tier analytical laboratory balances renowned for their accuracy. Our extensive range ensures that we have the perfect match for your laboratory’s specific requirements.

portable bench scale from Superior Scale

Experience versatility with our portable bench scales, engineered for various weighing tasks. Combining ease of use with uncompromising accuracy, these scales are the ideal choice for businesses seeking efficient weighing solutions tailored to their needs.

counting scale from Superior Scale

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our counting scales deliver unparalleled precision and reliability for a wide array of objects. From tiny components to larger items, our counting scales effortlessly accommodate diverse counting needs with utmost accuracy.

crane scale from Superior Scale

Tackle the complexities of weighing suspended loads with confidence using our crane scales. Engineered for precision and safety, our crane scales ensure reliable weight readings while enhancing operational safety and efficiency during lifting operations.

industrial platform floor scale from Superior Scale

Our floor scales offer a comprehensive solution to meet the diverse weighing demands across industries. Built with durability and accuracy at the forefront, these scales provide steadfast and precise measurements for a myriad of applications.

Forklift scale

Simplify your weighing processes with our innovative forklift scales, seamlessly integrated into your existing equipment. Designed for efficiency and accuracy, these scales eliminate the need for additional steps or equipment, ensuring streamlined operations.

We Provide Services to Multiple Industries across the Carolinas

Contact us today to learn more about what our scale & weighing solutions can do for your industry.

Rent from Us

Take advantage of Superior Scale’s extensive selection of precise, top-quality scales, meticulously calibrated and available for rent. Whether you’re dealing with seasonal spikes or embarking on special projects, our rental options offer the flexibility to adapt to evolving requirements.

With capacities spanning from a few grams to 200,000 pounds, our scales accommodate a wide range of weighing demands. Opting for rental, coupled with our comprehensive services and solutions, allows you to cut costs, enhance operational efficiency, streamline transactions, and reduce maintenance duties.

Utilize our vast inventory of rental equipment and dedicated professionals dedicated to fulfilling your specific needs, ensuring a seamless rental experience and utmost satisfaction. Additionally, explore our standby services, which provide the peace of mind of having a skilled technician onsite throughout the rental period, prepared to address any inquiries and offer technical support or maintenance assistance as necessary.



We are committed to providing assistance to businesses in the Carolinas with the service and maintenance they need on their scales.

With the region’s largest and most experienced team of technicians, we ensure peace of mind by offering 24/7 emergency service for repairs and re-calibration. To submit a service request or contact us directly, simply click the tab below or give us a call at 803-548-3320. We are here to promptly address your needs and deliver exceptional support tailored to the Carolinas market.