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Weighing is a vital and indispensable aspect of operations within the concrete and asphalt industry. Inaccurate weights can significantly impact your revenue, and there exists a multitude of factors that can contribute to these inconsistencies, such as build-up on load cells, improper mounting or sealing of J-Boxes, and incorrect grounding that can lead to susceptibility to lightning strikes.

For your business, it’s imperative that your weighing solutions are not only accurate but also dependable, capable of functioning seamlessly year-round. Whether you require a truck scale, belt scale, agg scale, cement scale, or any other specialized weighing equipment, Superior Scale is here to provide the solution you need.

Our highly-trained technicians are dedicated to ensuring that your equipment remains consistently accurate and reliable. As the largest concrete and asphalt scale service company in the Carolinas, we proudly serve over 200 companies within the industry. When you reach out to our experienced team of professionals, we will work closely with you to tailor the perfect weighing solution to meet your specific operational needs and challenges. Don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re here to support your success.

Good Weighing Practices For The
Concrete & Asphalt Industry

Calibration and Maintenance

Calibrating your weighing equipment on a regular basis ensures accuracy. Having a maintenance program in place for your scales will help keep them in optimal working condition.

Proper Installation

Prevent inaccuracies by having your scales and weighing systems installed properly the first time. Not only are technical aspects important to consider, but so are environmental factors – wind, temperature, vibrations, etc.

Tare Weights

Always tare the scales to account for the weight of containers or vehicles, ensuring that only the material’s weight is measured. Accurate taring is a fundamental step in the weighing process, and it ensures that the material’s weight is measured precisely.

Technology Integration

Using modern technology to improve accuracy and data management is something that food & beverage companies should take into consideration. It allows you to monitor and report data in real time.

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Precision Throughout The Process Is Vital

Your concrete and asphalt plant requires quality scale technology to combine the right amounts of materials and ensure an even load.

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industrial batching system
Precisely measuring aggregates, cement, and water is essential to achieve the desired level of quality and uniformity.
crane scale load test
Ensuring the materials being loaded onto the trucks are weighed properly and you’re not overloading, is important to avoid injury.
plastic and steel factory

Make sure you have a sufficient supply of raw materials for production by accurately weighing you materials in storage.

Rice Lake Truck Scale by Superior Scale
Using a precise scale will help keep your trucks in compliance with weight regulations.
Industrial Weighing Systems
Having spot-on weighing equipment is essential for cost control, minimizing waste, and maximizing load size.

The Superior Scales Difference

Aside from offering a wide range of scales for your concrete and asphalt operations, SSI provides comprehensive maintenance services to ensure your systems are inspected regularly for imbalance, seizing, buildup, and other issues.

Weighing plays a vital role in concrete and asphalt plants. Our selection of high-quality scales, replacement parts, and innovative solutions ensures your operations unfold with ease and efficiency. Give our experienced team of professionals a call and we will help you find the right solution for your process.

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