The Carolinas’ Largest concrete and asphalt scale service company

Concrete and asphalt are unique industries. Your revenue can be severely impacted by inconsistent weights and there are so many factors that can cause bad weights. These factors include build-up on loadcells, improper mounting or sealing of J-Boxes, incorrect grounding causing lightning susceptibility, and many more.

Your weighing solutions must be dependable and work outside year-round. This is so whether it is a truck scale, belt scale, agg scale, cement scale, or other various weighing equipment that you need.

Our technicians are trained to make sure your equipment stays weighed. We are the largest concrete and asphalt scale service company in the Carolinas and we service over 200 companies in the concrete and asphalt industry.

Give our experienced team of professionals a call and we will help you find the right solution for your process.

Some of the concrete and asphalt companies that have partnered with us at Superior Scale Inc. for their weighing solutions.

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