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Years of Excellence in Shipping & Freight Weighing Solutions

Time, weight, and space are critical variables in the shipping and freight industries. You need to always accurately measure how much load you’re carrying and how much space it’s taking, with little time spent getting these measurements.

Therefore, an accurate, reliable, and, in some cases, portable scale is one of the most crucial equipment in your operation. Superior Scale Inc. has been providing leading shipping and freight weighing solutions for over thirty years, making our expertise what you need to improve operations and returns for your business.

Our shipping and freight weighing solutions include conveyor and check weighing systems, bench and shipping scales, dimensioning systems, forklift scales, and floor scales.

Overcoming Weighing Challenges in the
Freight Industry

With improper equipment and processes, retrieving pallets or cargo, weighing them, and getting their dimensions can take longer and require more resources than what is considered the industry standard.

In an operation lacking the proper equipment, you’ll have to rely on tape to get dimensions and move cargo to different warehouse sections to get weight measurements before transporting them back to the loading area for the next process.

This back-and-forth movement can be highly ineffective, requiring a lot of time to move cargo and creating a higher risk of inaccurate measuring or recording, which can lead to losses in your business.

The solution you need is an advanced system that accurately and reliably measures the weight of your cargo and allows you to record the data immediately and directly or transfer it to a different monitoring system via the network.

This way, you can run more efficient operations that ensure you’re up to par with shipping industry standards and yield higher returns.

Let Us Help Improve Your Operations

Superior Quality Scale & Weighing Systems

We offer freight weighing solutions for using a variety of scales & systems catered to your business needs. 

Please contact us for more information or to purchase a scale for your industry needs.

Bench/Shipping Scales

Bench/shipping scales are recommended for weighing smaller packages with basic weighing requirements. Most of these scales can also be integrated with existing systems within your business to ensure seamless use and operations.

Forklift Scales

We provide forklift scales that make checking a product's weight as direct as loading it onto a forklift or warehouse transportation vehicle. As you move goods around, you can gather their weight and data directly, which you can transfer to your systems to fine-tune operations and bill customers appropriately.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor/check weighing systems allow you to automatically check whether a given item is within a specified and acceptable weight range. The system can then reject overweight items, allowing you to monitor package sizes and weights more closely.

Dimensioning Systems

Our freight dimensioning systems include cameras and automated scales that record the vital data you need to run your logistics efficiently. Therefore, you can weigh, scan, and get the dimensions of shipments and parcels more quickly.

Floor Scales

Floor scales help weigh heavy goods or cargo in pounds or kilogram capacities. Since they measure heavy cargo, floor scales are operated on the floor. They typically come as platform scales, pallet beams, or pallet scales.

Talk to the Experts

Choosing which weighing solution is the best for your shipping and freight solutions can be challenging. However, we have something that will suit your operations and make your shipping and freight business more efficient and profitable. Talk to us, and let us help you make the right weighing choice.

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