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Forklift and Pallet Jack Scales

Our forklift and pallet jack scales are designed for your industrial business. From the healthcare industry to food and beverage to forestry and everything in between, our scales are ready to take on the challenge. We offer the best in the business – Avery Weigh-Tronix!

Forklifts are essential equipment in many industries. They allow you to weigh objects and materials on the fly without wasting extra transportation or movement cycles. These scales allow you to weigh materials or objects directly before loading, streamlining operations and data management.

Pallet jack scales play a crucial role in your business’s shipping and receiving operations. Tailored for the task of weighing loads at ground level, they are the ideal solution for swiftly and precisely measuring palletized merchandise before it embarks on its journey aboard a truck or finds its place in storage. These scales not only streamline logistical processes but also contribute to error reduction and compliance with weight regulations, ensuring that your shipments are on the right track from the start.

Superior Scale Inc. offers various forklift & pallet jack scales that suit diverse needs and applications.

What Are Forklift & Pallet Jack Scales?

Forklift Scales:

Forklift scales are specialized weighing systems tailored for forklift trucks. These scales are seamlessly integrated into the forklift’s carriage or forks, ensuring accurate and efficient weighing while material handling is in progress. This feature proves especially advantageous in scenarios where knowing the precise weight of the load being transported is crucial.

One of the key advantages of forklift scales is their ability to offer real-time weight monitoring. This means that operators can access up-to-the-minute weight data, facilitating precise load management and enhancing inventory control within warehouse and industrial settings. Additionally, forklift scales are designed to handle heavier loads, making them well-suited for applications that involve the transportation of substantial materials. Their capacity and real-time monitoring capabilities make them invaluable tools for enhancing operational efficiency in a wide range of industries.

Pallet Jack Scales:

Pallet jack scales, also referred to as “pallet truck scales” or “pallet weighers,” serve as indispensable tools in material handling and weighing applications. These scales are seamlessly integrated into both manual and electric pallet jacks, often becoming an integral part of the jack’s structure.

What sets pallet jack scales apart is their unique ability to measure loads right on the ground. Unlike forklift scales that weigh items in an elevated position, pallet jack scales weigh loads while they are at rest on the floor. Operators place the load onto the pallet jack’s forks, and the built-in scale accurately measures the weight, making it an efficient solution for numerous scenarios.

Particularly valuable in shipping and receiving areas, pallet jack scales provide a swift and precise means of weighing palletized goods before they embark on their journey aboard trucks or find their designated spots in storage. However, it’s important to note that pallet jack scales typically offer a lower weight capacity compared to forklift scales, making them well-suited for applications involving smaller and more manageable loads.

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Forklift & Pallet Jack Scales We Offer

We provide a comprehensive selection of forklift and pallet jack scales designed to meet a wide spectrum of business requirements and applications. Among our top-selling name brands, Avery Weigh Tronix stands out as a trusted choice.

Below are only a few of the options we provide. Contact Us for more information on our other models or to purchase a scale.

Forklift Scale

CLS-420 Forklift Scale from Superior Scale
The CLS-420 forklift scale mounts directly to any Class II or III lift truck, saving material handling processes time and money.

Pallet Jack Scale

forklift and pallet jack scale from Superior Scale
Weigh and transport pallets in one streamlined process with Rice Lake’s RL-HPJ Hand Pallet Jack Scale.

FLSC Advanced Digital
Forklift Scale

FLSC Advanced Digital Forklift from SSI
The FLSC forklift scale is a market leading system which turns an ordinary class II forklift truck into a mobile scale.

QTLTSC Forklift Scale for
Class II,III and IV Forklifts

QTLTSC Forklift Scale from Superior Scale
Extremely durable design The QTLTSC forklift scales are extremely durable and proven to stand up to busy environments.

Difference & Benefits of Forklift & Pallet Jack Scales


The primary difference between these two types of scales is that forklift scales are integrated into forklifts to help weigh heavy loads in industrial settings, while a pallet jack scale is portable and designed to weigh palletized loads.

When a forklift is equipped with a scale, it can lift a load, weigh it while elevated, and display the weight on a built-in display or transmit the data to a remote system.

Pallet jack scales are used to lift and weigh palletized loads manually. The user places the pallet jack underneath the load, lifts it slightly, and the scale provides the weight measurement.


Both forklift scales and pallet jack scales offer a number of benefits for industrial businesses:

  1. Precision: Both types of scales are highly accurate, which is crucial for industries where precise weight measurements are essential, such as logistics and manufacturing.
  2. Efficiency: These scales allow for efficient weighing of loads during transport. There’s no need to move the load to a separate weighing station.
  3. Versatility: Pallet jack scales can handle a wide range of load sizes and types, accommodating various pallet configurations, while forklift scales save time by eliminating the need to transport loads to a stationary scale, reducing labor and vehicle movement.

Forklift scales offer precision, efficiency, and real-time data for industries with demanding weighing needs. On the other hand, pallet jack scales provide mobility, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness for businesses seeking a portable and versatile weighing solution. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of the operation and the available resources.

Experience precision and efficiency with Superior Scales’ platform and floor scales. Get in touch now to enhance your business’s weighing capabilities!

Above represents some of the various Forklift and Pallet Jack Scales available, contact our sales department for more information and more models.

We can help you decide what product fits your need and provide you more detailed information.