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Floor and Platform Scales

Our platform & floor scales are rugged and designed for industrial use. We sell and service only the best. Avery Weigh-Tronix and Rice Lake are two of the most trusted name brands in the weighing Industry.

Modern commercial operations rely on reliable and accurate weighing to remain profitable and run efficiently. In some applications, the objects that need to be weighed are too heavy, requiring a specialized scale. That’s where floor & platform scales come in.

Floor scales allow you to weigh very heavy objects without necessarily lifting them. They are a common installation in shipping and receiving, warehouses, food manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, and more.

Platform scales find utility across diverse fields, spanning from accurately measuring culinary ingredients in bustling restaurant kitchens to ensuring shipping and receiving departments maintain precise records of package weights. Their user-friendly design encourages direct engagement, rendering them versatile instruments for tasks necessitating pinpoint weight assessment in a myriad of settings.

At Superior Scale Inc., we offer a diverse range of platform & floor scales tailored to meet your capacity and other specific requirements. If you’re ready to enhance your weighing capabilities and optimize your operations, contact us today to explore our scale solutions and experience the difference.

What Are Floor & Platform Scales?

Floor Scales:

A floor scale is a robust and heavy-duty weighing apparatus specifically engineered for accurately measuring the weight of large and heavy objects. These scales are designed with durability and industrial applications in mind, making them essential tools in various sectors such as logistics, manufacturing, and warehouses. The defining characteristic of a floor scale is its low-profile platform, which is level with the surrounding floor. This design facilitates the easy movement of heavy objects onto the scale using equipment like forklifts, pallet jacks, or conveyors. Floor scales are indispensable for tasks such as verifying shipping weights, tracking inventory, ensuring compliance with weight regulations, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Platform Scales:

A platform scale, in contrast, is a versatile weighing device characterized by a large, flat, and often elevated platform on which items are placed for measurement. Platform scales come in two main configurations: bench scales, which are compact and suitable for smaller objects, and floor-mounted scales, which are larger and are often installed at ground level. These scales cater to a wide range of applications, from portioning ingredients in commercial kitchens to weighing packages in shipping and receiving departments. Their design allows users to interact directly with the scale, making them adaptable for various tasks where precise weight measurement is crucial.

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Floor & Platform Scales We Offer

We offer floor and platform scales that cater to a vast range of business needs and applications. We sell two of the best name-brands for scales at SSI – Avery Weigh Tronix & Rice Lakes.

Below are only a few of the options we provide. Please contact us for more information on our other models or to purchase a scale.

RoughDeck HP with

RoughDeck HP w/ Column
The RoughDeck HP high performance floor scale is the industry leader for durable and accurate weighments. Available in 1,000 to 10,000 pound capacities for Legal for Trade applications.

RoughDeck QC-X
Plate Floor Scale

The RoughDeck QC-X is a quick clean washdown, stainless steel floor scale with a solid plate base and extreme degree of top plate lift. The RoughDeck QC-X is ideal for easy cleaning in environments requiring strict sanitation.

RoughDeck BDP Barrel Drum Pallet Floor Scale

RoughDeck BDP Barrel Drum Pallet Mild Steel Floor Scale
The RoughDeck BDP’s low-profile design allows for flexibility in weighing oversized items like barrels and drum pallets. It’s hinged access ramps make loading and unloading an easy task.

RoughDeck BDP Pallet
Stainless Steel Floor Scale

RoughDeck BDP Barrel Drum Pallet Stainless Steel Floor Scale
When flexibility is required for weighing large items such as barrels and drum pallets, the RoughDeck BDP’s low profile design and optional hinged access ramps enable effortless loading and unloading.

Difference & Benefits of Floor & Platform Scales


The main distinction between floor scales and platform scales lies in their design and intended purpose. Floor scales are engineered to handle substantial weight and are level with the ground, making them ideal for weighing heavy, oversized items that require the use of material handling equipment. On the other hand, platform scales are more versatile and suitable for a broad spectrum of objects, from small items placed on bench scales to larger items on floor-mounted scales. They are designed for ease of interaction, allowing users to manually place items on the scale.


Both floor scales and platform scales offer numerous advantages:

  1. Precision: Both types of scales are known for their accuracy, ensuring that weight measurements are reliable and consistent.
  2. Efficiency: These scales streamline various industrial processes, including shipping, receiving, quality control, and inventory management, leading to increased efficiency.
  3. Versatility: Platform scales adapt to a wide range of objects and applications, while floor scales excel in weighing heavy and oversized items.
  4. Compliance: Both scales help businesses comply with weight regulations, ensuring that products meet legal standards.

Floor scales and platform scales are invaluable weighing solutions in industrial and commercial settings. The selection between them hinges on the particular demands of the task at hand, with floor scales excelling in handling heavy loads and platform scales offering versatility for a multitude of weighing needs. Together, they contribute to improved productivity, accurate measurements, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Discover the superior precision and efficiency of the platform and floor scales at Superior Scales. Contact us today and elevate your business’s weighing capabilities!

Above represents some of the various Floor and Platform Scales available, contact our sales department for more information and more models.

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